Move material

Moving is hard enough. Where do you start? What to do first? How much should I move and what kind of materials do I need? These are questions and Halo Removal Logistics has all the answers.

The Volume Calculator can calculate approximately how many m3 you will be moving.

The amount of moving boxes that you need is also difficult to determine. To make it easier for you, we give you an indication:

Student                            15 –   30 boxes
1 person Household     30 –   45 boxes
2 persons Household    45 –   60 boxes
3 persons Household    60 –   90 boxes
4 persons Household    75  - 100 boxes
5 persons Household    90  - 150 boxes

In addition to the moving boxes, you need other materials as well. For example, bubble wrap for packing fragile objects, wrapping paper to protect your dinnerware and glassware, special boxes for your books, mattress covers etc.